One scheduling and meeting
platform for all your needs.

Save time with one platform for meetings, scheduling, payments and more.
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Connect with your clients face-to-face

Enjoy frictionless video conferencing for all your
client communication needs.
  • Seamless video experience for more productive meetings
  • Convenient browser-based platform
  • One-click meetings via chrome extension

Take the hassle out of scheduling

Skip the back-and-forth and get meetings booked
instantly on your calendar.
  • Automatic syncing with Google Calendar schedules
  • Instant meeting bookings from prospective leads
  • Customizable meeting offerings and durations

Collect payments on the call

Say goodbye to overdue invoices and get paid on the
call with a live payment system.
  • Live payment system for instant payment collection
  • Integrations with PayPal, Cash App, and Venmo
  • Clear payment instructions displayed with specific totals

Review your meeting notes

Stay on top of your notes with automated meeting
transcripts and highlighted action items.
  • Secure transcription for privacy and protection
  • Automatic real-time note-taking
  • AI-powered topic tracking and highlighted action items

Filter prospective leads

Automatically screen prospective clients with
customized qualifying questions.
  • Shareable link for email, websites, and social media
  • Showcase your business information and hours of operation
  • Meet faster with pre-qualified leads through
    customizable qualifying questions

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*Based on a study conducted from January to March 2021, Intuit Accelerate users self-reported 30% time savings in converting leads.

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